Testing Bobbi Brown Face base and Skin foundation with spf 15

Hi everyone,
So as requested from my Instagram story, a lot of you wanted to see a review on the new Bobbi Brown products that I had purchased. So I have been putting them to the test over the last two weeks to see how they get on with my skin. So let’s jump straight in to the review.

The vitamin enriched face base:

This product is a primer and moisturiser combined together into one product. It is oil free and contains Shea butter to help smooth skin and fine lines. I personally have found this moisturiser amazing. It is very rich so a little really does go a long way. It is one of the more expensive face creams that I own costing £44 for 50ml. However I think it is worth every penny. It smells like citrus and feels very smooth on the skin. When I have been using this it seems to blur my skin which creates a perfect base to put my foundation on top of.

The skin foundation with spf 15:

For me I love a foundation with spf because apparently my face seems to be the only place that gets a bit of colour and when it does it’s just red. No tan just burn. The foundation itself is super easy to blend out. Although for me I normally go for a foundation that is full coverage however I feel that this is more light to medium coverage. So I think I would just wear this a lot in the summer when my skin is a bit more clear. Another thing I found is that it doesn’t last that long on your skin and I had to re touch it a few times during the day. I’m not sure if this is because of the foundation itself or if it’s because of other factors. I don’t normally set my foundation with powder because I have dry skin so maybe that’s why it didn’t last as long. This foundation was £34.50.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think of these products and how you like to use them!

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