Lashes by Jen! 

Hi everyone! 

So if you have been looking at my Instagram you will have noticed that I have had my eyelashes done. Honestly, it is the best thing I have ever done as they look so much more natural than false lashes. The results are phenomenal. 

Here is a before and after of my lashes and look at the difference! It didn’t hurt and didn’t take too long to do either. 

I highly recommend Lashed up by Jen as she provides such a luxury service. She offers refreshments for her clients and she is also very friendly. The process takes 2 hours, but honestly the time flies by. And if you’re like me it’s very easy to fall asleep whilst having them done! When getting your lashes done you have to keep them away from water, steam and makeup for 24 hours so that the glue has enough time to completely dry. So I would suggest having a shower before you go and then waiting the 24 hours till you next shower. Before you have them done it is also important to keep your lashes clean but Jen makes sure you know everything before you get them done. She then also gives you a brush to maintain your lashes which you should use twice a day. 


  • Full set classic mink lashes -£30 
  • Infill Classic mink lashes-£15 
  • Halfset classic mink lashes-£20 
  • Removal-£10 
  • £5 added to each service if they would like silk lashes.

(Prices will be changing on the 1/1/19) 

The service is probably the cheapest in Croydon at the moment and yet such high quality which is amazing. She also posts daily tips on her Instagram! 

Here is her social accounts so be sure to check her out: 

Facebook - LashedupbyJen

Twitter - LashedupbyJen

Instagram - LashedupbyJen

Overall, I would 100% recommended getting my lashes done by Jen again and when they need refilling I’m getting them booked in! I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did getting my lashes doneπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• 

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