Benefit brow contour pro! 

Hey hey hey!
Okay I hope you have all been well! Today I’m talking about the newest product from the number one brow brand in the UK.

The price of this bad boy is £28.50. Which is the most expensive brow product that they offer when the others cost from £20.50 to the most expensive £27.00. The pen comes in five different colour options and then each pen comes with four different shades. One lighter brown, one darker brown, one definer and a highlighter shade.
The pen itself reminds me a lot of the Bic multi coloured pens you would get as a kid but it’s for your eyebrows. The formula is like a pomade formula in the shape of a pen which I think is quite cool. It is a bit hard to get it going at first but that is like most products when they are new. It does make doing your brows easier and it also saves so much space in your makeup bag or handbag.
I think overal I would buy this product again because I really like the consistency and although the formula is like a pomade it isn’t too thick so it feels nicer on the skin and brows. It is also super easy to take off too.
I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. And I hope you are all well, until next week!

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