Makeup Revolution Imogenation

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays! I’m going to start trying to blog twice a week now because I have a bit more time on my hands now that my exams are all finished. So the days that I blog on will now be Monday’s and Friday’s. But we will see how long it lasts for.
So today I really wanted to share my opinions on the new (ish) Makeup Revolution collection which is called Imogenation! The collection consists of an eyeshadow palette and a contour and highlighter palette. Both are priced at £10 in Superdrugs. The packaging of the palettes are super pretty and immediately caught my attention as they are lilac and holographic!

See. Super pretty or what?
The eyeshadow palette:
Okay so the eyeshadow palette has 20 different shades in it. 12 are matte and 8 are shimmer shades. I really like this palette because it has a different layout to most of the other Makeup Revolution palettes. The shades are super pigmented and there isn’t much fall out from the shadows. There is also a variety of shades within the palette which makes it good if you are going to a festival for a couple of days because you can create many looks with just one palette!

Highlight to the moon palette:
This palette comes with 9 different shades. 5 are highlights and 4 are contour shades. This palette is good for many skin tones as it has various shades of contour and highlighters. The contour shades are really nice and aren’t orange. The highlighters have a good shimmer pigment and aren’t too glittery. Again this palette is very different to the typical Makeup Revolution palettes.

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