Affordable KKW contour dupe 

Hey guys! 

So I put a poll up on my Instagram story asking you what you would like me to review and the majority of you said an affordable contour kit so here I am. I recently brought the new nudes contour kit from Primark and I was so intrigued by the flattering nude packaging and how similar it is to the KKW contour kits. 

This is what the bargain £8 set looks like. It comes with a contour duo, highlight duo and a highlight specifically for the brow bone. 

Personally I think that this kit is great quality for how much you pay and it is super pigmented and yet so easy to blend. I actually prefer the contour sticks to some of the other cream based contour products I have. Overall, I really like that the contour stick itself has two ends. Because you can choose a colour that is best suited to your skin colour and skin tone. For example one end of the stick is more warm toned and the other is quite cool toned. The formula itself is very creamy and feels really nice on the skin without feeling cakey. Which for me is a massive factor when it comes to cream contour. Some cream products can feel really heavy on the skin but this doesn’t which I really like. 

The highlighting duo stick is something I don’t really reach for and I wouldn’t say that it is my holy grail or anything because the satin highlight side is quite dark and orange for my skin tone but the shimmer highlight is quite pretty. Although, it does take a lot to build up a popping highlight. And for me I love my highlight to be rays of the sun. 

The brow highlight is really nice and it really does make my brows look more lifted and gives my eyes a really pretty shape to work with when applying eyeshadow. I also like to use the brow highlight pencil in my tear duct to give a really subtle and pretty glow. 

Overall, I would say that you should definitely buy this kit because for £8 it is an absolute amazing deal and it is so flattering on the skin. I would 100% buy this again without a doubt.  The brush is quite nice in the kit too and it is super soft. 

I hope you found this post helpful when choosing an affordable contour kit because let’s face it, makeup can be real expensive! 

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