Velvet Lips matte lipstick!!!!

Hey everyone,

So I have been waiting for this order to come through for ages now. I originally ordered in January but I think my order got lost but I spoke to one of the new owners Jennifer via email. She was very kind and very helpful. I definitely recommend ordering from velvet lips simply because they are so kind and helpful and reply to emails very quickly. Also once the re order had been placed it arrived within 10 days which I am very happy with.

Enough of that lets talk about the lipstick. OH MY GOD, IT IS AMAZING!
My lipstick is in the shade deep red and it is to die for. I am sooo happy with it and it is well worth the wait. I cannot wait to re order with them.

I think the colour is great and it would suit so many skin tones. This lipstick reminds me of a mac lipstick I brought. It doesn't go patchy and lasts all day. I have even eaten and I haven't had to re-apply it which is great. It is sold for $18.99 which is roughly £15.32. To be honest I think it is great value for money and I would recommend these lipsticks to others. Not to mention they are a dupe of the Christian Louboutin lipsticks which are sold for £70.

I hope you liked this blog everyone! if you would like to purchase this amazing lipstick then head over to their website

I hope you all have a lovely day x

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