June favourites!

Hey everyone I thought I would start doing a monthly favourites post of products that I have used a lot or have been really enjoying!

Firstly, I hope you are all well and I can't believe it is July already. It feels like christmas was only yesterday! I will try not to make this post too long! 

Anyway the first product(s) I have been loving this month is the primark pro oval brushes. The most expensive and largest sized is £4 and I mostly use it for foundation. The three different sized brushes are amazing for blending concealer, contour powder or cream and foundation! I highly suggest people go and buy them because they are AMAZING! 

The second product I have been loving is the NYX soft matte lip creams! Now as some of you may know NYX has recently came to the Uk. I have been obsessed with their lip creams because they are so soft but dry so matte. I carry them around in my bag as I do find that I have to re-apply throughout the day. 

My third product that I have been loving is the Freedom pro hd brow palette in fair - medium. This palette is amazing for makeup artists that are just starting out as it is only £10 and contains so many eyebrow shades! It is a great investment.

Thank you all for reading, if you enjoyed it feel free to share it or like this post! If you have any suggestions please comment. I look forward to writing my next blog and i'm almost at 1,000 views all time which means a giveaway will be soon! 🌸

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