Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream contour kit

Hi everyone ,

Today i am reviewing the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit!
The kit consists of 6 colours. Bannana , vanilla , cool pink , cream , nude and cinnamon ! (Light contour kit) I love this contour kit because the cool pink works as a colour corrector under your foundation and after primer. The colour i use for my contour is the cinnamon and at first i was a bit worried just incase it didnt blend well but to my suprise , it was so easy to blend and left a great finish ! The banana shade is also super easy to blend although for me it is a bit too dark to use as a highlighter.

Overall, the product is great and i would give it 4 out of 5 stars. I would give only 4 stars simply because the banana shade is a bit dark to use as a highlighter. Other than that this kit is great and i would reccomend it to beginners in makeup and makeup artists.

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