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Top 5 tips for oily skin!

Hey everyone!
So since I did a blog for everyone with dry skin. I thought I would do one for my readers that have oily skin too! I personally have dry skin but whilst working in the beauty industry I have seen and learnt a lot about what works best for different skin types! So here’s the good stuff:
Make sure you cleanse! Cleansing your skin twice a day is really important for oily skin as it removes the excess oils in the skin that can clog the pores leading to breakouts. A good cleanser for oily skin is a foaming cleanser. The simple foaming cleanser is really good for both skin types and is affordable. Use a toner every day! Using toners are a great way to banish that excess oil in the skin, especially a toner with rose water. You can buy some affordable ones in Superdrug. You still need to moisturise! When having oily skin it can be easy to forget this because you focus so much on removing the oils in the skin. Although, it is still important to add moisture to the skin because oth…

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